Competency-Based Training: Who Does It Help? And How?


Education may be on the cusp of a major change. College has long been regarded as the best route to better earning potential and greater career mobility. But student debt is now the second-highest debt category in the US. At $1.4 trillion, it is ahead of both credit cards and car loans. Such costliness can put the possibility of a career out of reach for many. So what’s the solution?

Interest is growing in competency-based learning as an alternative to higher ed’s expense, with major companies such as Google, IBM, and EY adopting competency-based hiring and training programs as a direct route to employment.

So is education on the cusp of a major change? Watch our webinar as our panel of experts take you through the rise of competency-based learning and what it means for the future of higher education, employment, and learning & development.

About the Speakers

Industry experts from Motivis Learning, Grant Thornton, and Innovate + Educate

  • Brian Peddle CEO, Motivis Learning With over 15 years of entrepreneurial and IT leadership experience, Brian has been instrumental in growing a number of product-focused organizations - from venture-funded startups to mature tech companies. He is the founder and CEO of Motivis Learning, a next-generation cloud-based software platform for educational institutions.
  • Dok O Caoimh

    VP, Strategy & Business Development

    Before joining Learnosity, Dok was CEO at Binder, a mobile CRM startup. Prior to Binder, Dok's diverse experience includes signal processing for the Huygens entry probe’s descent to Saturn's moon Titan at the European Space Agency, algorithmic futures trading, management consulting, and field sales operations.
  • Stephen Yadzinski Founder & CTO of Innovate + Educate A technologist and designer with close to 20 years leading digital and visual design project teams, Steve serves as Innovate + Educate's Chief Operating & Technology Officer, supporting the organization's paradigm-shifting mission of forging new paths to employment and opening opportunities for millions of unemployed and underemployed Americans.
  • Michelle Moggio Director, Advisory Learning and Organizational Effectiveness, Grant Thornton With 16 years’ international consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies and blue-chip professional firms, Michelle specializes in Learning & Development, Organizational Transformation, and Program Management. She is the recipient of multiple industry awards for her work in building teams and driving organizational change, including two gold Brandon Hall Awards in learning.

What to Expect?

In this 1-hour webinar, you can expect to gain a better understanding of how competency-based training is being used at the moment. Gain valuable insights from our panel of experts on how the competency training model can influence higher ed. Interested in learning more about competency-based learning before the webinar? Read our recent article Can competency-based training help change the world? to learn about the increased value of this learning style to employers.